A downloadable Super Cool-Tastic Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bad Egg is based off of the 80's classic Rogue, and made for the Knockoff Game Jam. It's called Bad Egg, because according to thesaurus.com, "bad egg" is a synonym for "rogue". I hope that fact made your day, because it made ours!



  • WASD or Arrow Keys for movement
  • Left Click for melee attack, right click for ranged attack. Ranged attack can only be used when the charge bar has been filled. You can fill the charge bar by landing melee attacks.
  • Esc to go back to the menu screen.
  • There is a number under the mouse which displays how many lives the ducks have. The game starts with 1 life per duck, but the difficulty gradually increases to 5 lives per duck.
  • That's about it...


There might be bugs in Linux and Mac versions. Unfortunately, I use a Windows computer and thus am unable to test this game on Mac and Linux operating systems. If you find any bugs while using these systems, please report them, and I will try to solve them to the best of my ability.


Code: Fartfish


Art: WitheringCrown


Install instructions

1. Extract all.

2. Choose a version folder (I recommend the most recent)

3. Run the program


Bad Egg.zip 100 MB


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