Red is dead.

Green is serene.

Blue is you.

DISCLAIMER: Might not work in browsers other than chrome.

Feel free to leave a rating! Hopefully a good one...

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Tags8-Bit, 8x8, 8x8jam, browser, calm


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Hii, it's a nice mini game, very simple yet very good. You can make it better by adding a simple screenshake and sound when a red bullet hit you, and by making the green life disapear after you pick it.

Otherwise, it's a great fun game. Great work!!!


there is actually already a sound when you hit the red bullets. is it too quiet?

I can't hear anything, maybe the problem come from my web browser


Nice music, and it works fine for me on FireFox. I feel you might want to despawn the projectiles a little further off-screen, since the trails disappearing as soon as the projectiles leave the screen is a little jarring.

Is this any better?

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really like the music and the arts cool but a glitch i found is the same red projectile can deal 2 hits on damage and i would wish there was a score counter to add to the arcader feel of the game


Thanks! I think I know how the glitch takes place, but I've no clue how to solve it. Essentially, it happens when the player exits and re-enters the enemy hitbox. As for the score counter, I thought about adding that, but decided not to, since luck is... well, it's more than just a small part of the game, to say the least

Try despawning the stuff when you hit it

Added a score counter! Well, more of a timer. But still!

Also if the space to restart doesn't work, click the space where the game is and try again.