DISCLAIMER: Controller may take a moment to connect if not connected before beginning the game.

Game contains effects not included in the showcase gifs (as to avoid problems) that may induce seizures or similar effects. DO NOT PLAY if you are photosensitive.

Made for the Supersensory Megamix -  https://itch.io/jam/supersensory-megamix


RICO&CHET is a game about two pals who just desperately want to kill each other. Play as Rico or Chet and do your darndest to obliterate your friend! Bullets ricochet off of the screen, so be careful not to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bullets and screen shake!


Player 1: WASD for movement, Space to jump, Mouse to shoot and aim

Player 2: Left joystick for movement, A/Left Trigger to jump, X/Right Trigger to shoot, Right Stick to aim

Controller required for player 2

Go left or right to choose cosmetics before a round starts

Both players jump to start


Art and Programming: Fartfish (https://fartfish.itch.io)

Sounds and Music: Lazernaut (http://lazernaut.com)


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RICO&CHET windows.zip 29 MB

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are you plannin on continuing this game?

(1 edit)

I may come back to it some day, but for now I'd like to finish other projects

I'll be honest and say I was surprised to get a comment on this little game I made forever ago, thank you for commenting :)

it's sad that we need a controller for 2 player

Unfortunately there's no other way for it to work. There's only one mouse to aim with.